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Keyboard shortcuts

Dashboard actions

OpenCtrl/Cmd + OOpen a different dashboard
SaveCtrl/Cmd + SSave changes to a dashboard
UndoCtrl/Cmd + ZUndo the previous action
RedoCtrl/Cmd + YReverse the Undo action

Changes can only be saved by users with Editor access.

Saving or leaving a dashboard will clear the available history of actions.

Manage content

WOpens the Widgets menu
FOpens the Saved filters menu

The above shortcuts are inactive when an element on the page is focused. If you notice the chosen menu does not open when using one of these shortcuts, press Escape then try again.


Selected table cells are highlighted in blue. Table cells can be selected individually by clicking on them, or in a group by clicking on a cell then dragging the blue highlighted area until it contains all the cells you wish to include. The selected cells can then be copied using the keyboard shortcut below and pasted into a text editor.

Ctrl/Cmd + CCopies the selected cells and their formatting