Migration notes 2.0.1

This page explains the changes required to migrate to the stated version of the SIMM Accelerator.

Migrate to 2.0.1

Upgrading from version 2.0.0 See SIMM 2.0.1 Release Notes.

The Accelerator is using ActivePivot 5.10.6 and ActiveUI 5.0.5.

For new features and fixes included in these releases, please see the ActiveUI documentation and ActiveUI Migration Notes, and the release notes for ActivePivot. For clients licensed to use ActiveMonitor, a skeleton module based on version 5.10.6 is included with the <SIMM Accelerator 2.0.1> release.

Headline announcement

  • Improvements to the Accelerator-sdk.

Input file formats

No changes.

Configuration files

No changes.


No changes.

Cube schema

No changes.


No changes.

Context values

No changes.

Other changes


Ticket Description
GENACL-587 Storytelling will now be activated on pivot tables if you whitelist your AP server using the setting: “accelerator_story-telling-action.whitelist”: [“ServerName”]
GENACL-598 Cell Styles have been updated in pivot tables to bold totals. This has been applied automatically to all pivot tables.
GENACL-605 Trade Scaling was fixed to include the currently signed in user into the payload sent to the server. This property used to be in activeUI4 versions of accelerator-sdk, but was removed accidentally for the activeui5 version of accelerator-sdk