File Upload

The File Upload widget enables you to create or append a WhatIf scenario by uploading TSV files into the Cube.

To use File Upload:

  1. In the top left menu, click Insert > Widgets, then drag and drop the File Upload widget into the view:

File Upload icon

On initial display, you will be asked to select from a list of topics which are configured and have available data.

Illustrating Sensitivity Upload topic Selector

File Description
Calibration File Loads calibration data.
Calibration File Configuration Defines the necessary configuration data for adding a new calibration dataset. See note on “Calibration File Configuration” usage
FxRates Loads data to the FXRates data store.
Input Sensitivities Loads sensitivity input data.

2. The next step is to select a file. Below the topic selector you can expand a directory structure containing the files available for the upload associated with the selected topic.

Illustrating Sensitivity Upload File Selector

  1. Once files have been selected, you can give the branch a name and upload.

Illustrating Sensitivity Upload Branch Name

By clicking upload, a branch with the given name is created or appended with the tuples from the uploaded files1.


Calibration File Configuration usage
To define an entirely new calibration dataset, you must first upload a “Calibration File Configuration” file which defines the necessary configuration for a new calibration dataset. Once the branch is created with the “Calibration File Configuration” you can upload the “Calibration File” to the same branch. The “Calibration File Configuration” is used to populate the Calibration Support Store


To view the experimental calculations, add the Epoch hierarchy into the view, for example, on columns of your Pivot Table. You may also want to set a filter on this hierarchy and select: “master” and your branch.

  1. The Data Load Controller will load the experimental data. For more details on the DLC, see the Data Connectors documentation. ↩︎

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