File purpose

The apm.properties file is used to configure Atoti Server Application Performance Monitoring (APM). APM monitors the health and performance of Atoti Server instances. It provides several features easing the support work and reducing the burden of maintaining and troubleshooting Atoti Server.

For more details on this file in Atoti Server, see the Atoti Server Documentation.

File values

General settings

Key Value Description
json.log.dir /tmp Logging directory.
node.instance.name activepivot-apm-demo Unique name of the current node. It must be provided if logging/monitoring stack (e.g. ELK) is used.

Consul settings


To avoid using Consul, comment out the host and port lines.

Key Value Description
activeviam.apm.consul.host localhost Host or IP of the consul service.
activeviam.apm.consul.port 8500 Port of the consul service.
activeviam.apm.node.host Host or IP of the node instance for registering to consul.
activeviam.apm.node.healthcheck.port 8081 Port which consul should call for healthcheck. This should be the port used for jmx explorer, e.g. -javaagent:jmx_prometheus_javaagent-0.3.1.jar=8081.
activeviam.apm.node.healthcheck.path metrics The path that consul should call for healthcheck.
activeviam.apm.activepivot.service.name activepivot Service name of the instance. This is for service grouping and filtering in consul.


Key Value Description
activeviam.apm.query.performance.evaluation.elasticsearch.urls URL(s) to Elasticsearch instance(s) that provides the historical performance. e.g. http://localhost:9200