File purpose

The default Spring Boot application properties file. Controls application parameters and start-up modes.

File location

The file is located in the folder simm-starter\src\main\resources.

File values

The file uses the YAML language to define properties in a hierarchical structure. When loaded into the application, the properties follow the default dot notation.

The indentation levels used in the following table mirror the file itself.

Key Value Description
spring: Subsection for Spring profile properties.
    profiles: Profile configuration.
        default: local,local-content The default Spring profiles.
server: Subsection for application server properties.
    port: 12000 The port used for the application external services.
    servlet: Servlet configuration.
        context-path: “/simm-starter” The context path of the application.
management: Subsection for Spring Actuator application management.
    endpoints: Actuator endpoints.
        web: Web endpoints.
            exposure: Exposed endpoints.
                include: “*” The endpoint IDs to include.
springdoc: Springdoc URL to list all the REST endpoints.
   swagger-ui: Swagger UI configuration.
     enabled: true Sets whether the Swagger UI (/swagger-ui/index.html) is enabled (true) or disabled (false).