Input file formats

This section contains the file formats for the TSV files that you can use as input to the Atoti ISDA-SIMM1 Reference Implementation.

Portfolio data and classification configuration files need to be replaced with organization’s data. Calculation parameters contain the default set of parameters as in the SIMM methodology and as a start can be left unchanged.

Sample input files are included in the source distribution. These files are loaded during testing of the reference implementation and provide examples of each of the file types.

Download PDF version of this chapter: Atoti ISDA-SIMM Input File Formats Version 3.0

A note on file name patterns

The files and their respective names are used as inputs for the Solution. These files however are read by name according to a pattern, so you can add characters before and after the listed names, such as timestamps or ID numbers. ex: [crif.tsv] will be accepted also as [crif_1104894920.tsv] and [file1.crif.tsv].

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