File purpose

The file is used to define the file loading formats and pattern matching for the input files to the datastore, content server settings, parameters for the starter web apps, Spring profiles, and FX rates service.

File location

The file is located in the folder simm-starter\src\main\resources.

File values

Section: CSV Loading

Property Value Description
default.csvSource.parser.threads 16 Number of CSV parser threads.
nettingset.level PortfolioID@PortfolioID Cube level for Netting sets. ./data-samples Path to the directory containing the files to load.
csvSource.subdirectory.dataset /data Subdirectory of the dataset.
csvSource.subdirectory.dataset.whatif /whatif Subdirectory for stressed sensitivities What-if files to load. Files are deleted after upload.
csvSource.subdirectory.dataset.stage /stage Subdirectory of temporary What-if data during the What-if operation. After the whatif dataset is consumed, the data in the stage folder is deleted by the application.
csvSource.polling.delay 10000 The frequency of real time CSV source to pull, in milliseconds. 2023-08-01,2023-08-02,2023-08-03 The business dates of data to load during startup.

Section: Default parameter set

Property Value Description
default.parameter.set ISDA The default regulation parameter set.

Content server

Property Value Description ROLE_USER The role users must have to create calculated members in the content server. ROLE_USER The role users must have to create KPIs in the content server. 3600 The time the entitlement cache is active (in seconds, or duration string). local,local-content Specifies the active Spring Profiles.
- remote-content to use the remote content server configuration
- local-content to use the local content server configuration
contentServer.remote.api.uri http://localhost:9093/content The URI of the content server used by RemoteContentServiceConfig.
contentServer.prefix simm The prefix of the content server name.
contentServer.factory-reset false Reset the contents of the content server to those provided in the Atoti ISDA-SIMM release.
Valid values are:
- false
- true
- file
- folder (case agnostic).
true defaults to the file-based implementation.


Development only, turn this off in production.

contentServer.factory-reset.filename simm-content-server.json Filename of the release version of the content server contents.
contentServer.factory-reset.folder-name simm-content-server The folder containing the release version of the content server contents.
contentServer.bookmarks.default-owners ROLE_ADMIN The default owners for bookmarks.
contentServer.bookmarks.default-readers ROLE_USER The default readers for bookmarks.

AWS S3 properties

Property Value Description
aws.bucket simm The name of the AWS S3 bucket.
aws.root_directory data-samples The name of the data folder within the AWS S3 bucket.
aws.region us-east-1 The AWS S3 Region. Available regions: us-gov-west-1, us-east-1, us-east-2, us-west-1, us-west-2, eu-west-1, eu-west-2, eu-central-1, ap-south-1, ap-southeast-1, ap-southeast-2, ap-northeast-1, ap-northeast-2, sa-east-1, cn-north-1, ca-central-1

Azure properties

Property Value Description
azure.container simm The Azure container/share name.
azure.root_directory data-samples The name of the root data folder within the Azure container.
google.container The name of the Google container.
google.root_directory The name of the root data folder within the GCP container.
cloud.fetch.thread 12 Azure is up to 60 MiB/s per block blob and the same per share. Active Cloud API bypasses it with several connections. This is the parameter to control the number of connections from APS to Azure storage.

FX Rates

Property Value Description
fx-rates.common-currency USD Sets the currency to use for indirect FX rate look-ups (e.g AUD/SGD as AUD/EUR * EUR/SGD).
default.multiple.regulation.separator , Specifies the multiple regulation separator.
agg.cache.size.simm 1000000
unsegregated.regulation SEC-unseg The unsegregated regulation.
queries.results.intermediate -1 Sets the limit number of locations for each single intermediate result of the query. The query result limit for intermediate values, defined by the “queriesResultLimit.intermediateSize” context value. If the value is lower than 0, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses Integer.MAX_VALUE. If the value is equal to 0, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses 100000. Otherwise, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses the value provided.
queries.results.transient -1 Sets the transient limit resulting from the accumulation of all intermediate results within a single query, defined by the “queriesResultLimit.transientSize” context value. If the value is lower than 0, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses Long.MAX_VALUE. If the value is equal to 0, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses 1000000L. Otherwise, Atoti ISDA-SIMM uses the value provided.

Swagger UI

Property Value Description
springdoc.swagger-ui.enabled true true if the Swagger UI (/swagger-ui/index.html) should be enabled, false if disabled.

User Detail File

Property Value Description
user-detail-filename null Specifies the csv file for describing the userDetailService. If not set, use hardcoded user details. If property is set, load from file.

Enable APM

Application Performance Monitoring (APM) is a solution for monitoring the healthiness and performance of Atoti Server instances. For more details, see the Atoti Server Documentation.

Property Value Description
activeviam.apm.enable true Enable or disable APM. To configure the APM properties, see the file.