Upload limits

Another way to create limits is to upload a CSV file within the Limits Inventory.

To upload limits:

  1. Click the Upload button.

  1. Here you’ve got two options:
  • Upload a limit structure file. For details on the valid input file, see Limit Structure.

  • Upload a limit file. For details on what the CSV file should contain, see Limits approve.


    When uploading a limit file, any referenced limit structures must be created first, either in the UI, or by uploading a limit structures file.

  1. Choose a valid CSV file from your local drive and click Upload.
    The Limits Inventory table automatically updates and displays the newly uploaded limits.


    When a limit is created through upload, the StraightThrough workflow is applied and the limit goes directly into “APPROVED” status.

CSV file criteria

  • Ensure you have “APPROVED” Workflow Status in the limits as the reference implementation assumes the limits are valid without any further approval.

  • Your input file must contain every field to be considered valid. You can use the Download feature to generate example CSV files. This creates a CSV file line by line.

  • Limit definitions with the same name, cube, measure and scope will also be checked if their dates overlap with existing limits. If so, the upload will fail and no limits will be created.

Download Limits

You can also download limits and limit structures from the Limits Inventory. Clicking Download downloads two CSV files, one containing the limit structures, and another containing data for each individual limit.