Download sample file: limits_approve.csv

This file is used to create limits in bulk. For information on how to upload limits using this file, see Upload new limits.

Column Name Description Required Value Example
Structure Group Name of a group of limits. Group is a way of grouping similar limits. Y Equity Desk
Structure Name The KPI name created in the business cube. Y Delta
Structure Reference ID The Reference ID to the Limits Golden Source Upstream for the evaluation’s corresponding structure. Y id_00001
Cube Name Name of the cube for the KPI. Y Sensitivity Cube
Server Name Name of the server the cube is running. Y MR
Measure Name Measure of the KPI. Y PV
Limit ID ID for a given Limit. Y eval_id_00001
Limit Name Name for a given Limit. Y SA Book Limit
Start Date Effective Start Date. Y 2020-01-01
End Date Effective End Date. N 2020-01-31
Limit Type The type of limit: either OFFICIAL or TEMPORARY. N OFFICIAL
Limit Values Array of KPI values in the specified currency. Y [100000,5000]
Scope Specifies the members to which the new limit applies. You can choose any level of the currently selected cube and a corresponding value from said level. An example scope filter is “Desk=Rates”. Multiple scope filters can be added to a single limit definition. Every scope filter is separated by a pipe. Y Desk=Bonds|Book=FI_HY_LEGACY
Limit Status The limit’s status along the workflow. Y APPROVED
parentLimitKey The key of the source limit from which this limit was created. Used by temporary limits to reference the original official limit. N 12345678
Precedence Used to override which limit in a limit structure is evaluated, regardless of scope. Not recommended for use unless absolutely necessary, as the scope should be sufficient. A higher value indicates higher precedence. The default is 0. Y 0