This object contains data on breaches and warnings, and potentially user defined incidents, identified by AlertTasks.

Table name: Incidents

Column Key Type Description
limitKey Y integer Unique reference to the single limit upon which this incident ocurred.
Incident Type string The type of Incident: Breach or Warning
Measure Value double array The value of the limit (KPI goal) at the time it was evaluated. Note that this may be the value of a temporary limit.
Measure Value double The value of the measure which is breaching the limit.
Incident Scope integer The scope of the limit upon which the incident occurred.
Location Y string Location in the cube where the incident occurred.
MDX string The MDX query used to detect the incident.
As of Date Y local date As of date of the incident
Evaluation Timestamp timestamp Timestamp of when the incident was detected by the AlertTask.
Session ID string Unique ID created at server startup shared by all incident store tuples.
Status string Status of the incident.
Workflow string Incident’s workflow.
Workflow parameters string Parameters for the incident’s workflow.
incidentKey string Unique identifier of the incident, based on the key fields, generated at runtime. Technical field.