File purpose

The env-default.properties file defines the environment-sensitive application properties.

File location

The file is located in the folder simm-starter\src\main\resources\properties.

File values

Property Value Description
db.driver.class org.h2.Driver The driver used for the database connection.
db.url jdbc:h2:mem:dbsource;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;CACHE_SIZE=0;ALIAS_COLUMN_NAME=TRUE The URL to connect to the database.
db.username sa The username used to connect to the database.
db.password sa The password used to connect to the database.
db.init true The flag to initialize the database automatically. The default value is true.
db.init.url jdbc:h2:mem:dbsource;DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1;CACHE_SIZE=0;INIT=RUNSCRIPT FROM 'classpath:RM/enforce-tables.sql'\\;RUNSCRIPT FROM 'classpath:RM/equity-delta-risk-weight-setup.sql' The properties to initialize the database at startup.