Limit Structures

This object contains the Limit Structures. This table branches off the Limits store, which contains individual Limits per Limit Structure.

Table name: LimitStructures

Column Key Type Description
Group Y string Name of a group of limit structure. Group is a way of grouping similar limit structures together.
Comment string A description of the limit structure.
Polling Frequency string How often to evaluate the limit structure. Can be End Of Day, Intraday, Daily, etc. See Alert Tasks for more info.
System State string Optional field to note the state of the limit structure in the upstream system.
Reference ID Y string Identifier for this limit structure. A secondary way to group limit structures together or track a limit structure from an upstream system.
Name Y string The KPI name to be created in the Business Cube.
Measure Name Y string Name of the underlying Measure or Calculated Measure in the Business Cube.
Absolute Value Indicator boolean Specifies whether to use the absolute value of the underlying measure. For example, when enabled, a Greater Than limit on 10 will fail when a measures value is -11.
Warning Threshold integer (Optional) The percentage within limit goal to trigger a warning workflow.
KPI Type string Type of KPI to be created. (Greater Than, Less Than).
Precedence string Precedence of a limit structure to be applied to a location. If two limit structures apply to a location in the Cube, then the limit structure with higher precedence value is evaluated.
User ID string ID or name of the user who created the limit structure.
Cube Name Y string Name of the Cube the limit structure is on.
Server Name Y string Name of the Server the limit structure is on.
Timestamp timestamp The time the limit structure was created.
structureKey int Unique identifier of this limit structure.
Exception Status string Information on whether a limit structure was breached.
Limit Changes Workflow string Type of workflow to use for changes to the limit structure’s limits.
Limit Changes Workflow Parameters string Parameters of the workflow. Specifies the roles that can approve the workflow.
Exception Workflow string Type of workflow to use for handling breaches and warnings.
Utilization Dashboard ID string The ID of a utilization dashboard that may exist for the limit structure. The ID maps to a dashboard ID in the content server.
Scope Keys integer array The ids of the scope keys used by limits in this limit structure, which are available in the scope keys store.