This object contains the limits. This table is the Base Table from which all other tables branch off. Multiple entries in the Limits table can correspond to a single entry in the LimitStructures table.

Table name: Limits

Column Key Type Description
Limit Structure ID Y string The reference ID of the Limit Structure that this limit relates to.
Limit ID Y string Reference ID for upstream system
Limit Name string Name of the limit
Start Date Y date Date the limit is valid from.
End Date date Date when the limit expires. No value means a limit is valid indefinitely.
Limit Type Y string OFFICIAL or TEMPORARY tag on this limit.
Scope Y int Location in the Business Cube to apply this limit. See Limit Scopes section for details.
Limit Status string The status of the limit that is in use.


A Pending Workflow does not affect this field until the Pending Workflow is Approved.

Limit Values list of double Goal of the limit breach value(s). If a Greater Than or Less Than limit than there will only be one value.
parentLimitKey Y int The key of the source limit from which this limit was created. Technical field used by temporary Limits.
Pending Limit list of object The modified limit in the workflow. For example, when performing an edit, the changes are stored here.
Pending Status string Status of the pending workflow. Once the pending workflow is approved, the limit will take on the values of the Pending Limit Definition.
structureKey int Unique identifier of this limit’s structure.
limitKey int Unique identifier of this limit.