Limit Process Definition

This object contains the definition of the limit workflow process.


Column Key Type Description
ID long The database ID for version.
LIVEFROM timestamp The beginning of the live range for the object version.
LIVETO timestamp The end of the live range for the object version (null if the range has no end).
VALIDFROM Y date Beginning date (inclusive) to which this definition object applies.
VALIDTO date End date (exclusive) to which this definition object applies (may be null).
NAME Y string The name of the sign-off process.
DESCRIPTION string A freeform description of the workflow process.
DOMAIN string
FILTERS list of string The list of filters that specify the data being approved. Each filter has the format field|operator|value. Currently, the module doesn’t use this field.
KPIS list of string
MEASURES list of string
WORKFLOWPROPERTIES list of string The list of configuration properties that can be used in the workflow process. These are available as variables to the process definition. Each property has the format name:value.
WORKFLOWTYPE string The alias for the Activiti workflow process definition that is used to manage the sign-off process.
SERVERNAME string The name of the application server to which the process definition is related. Used to generate the URLs for calls to RESTful services in the application server.


  • All lists are delimited by semicolons.
  • The limit process definitions are “bi-temporal”: they have two time dimensions. The “live range” determines which version of the object is live. The “valid range” describes which as-of date the definition applies to. When creating sign-off process instances, the as-of date for the process instance must lie inside the valid-rage of the process definition.