Quick Start

Getting started with ActiveUI

The first thing you will want to do with ActiveUI is to start its sandbox project in order to have access to interactive code examples.

Step 1: Environment #

Make sure you have a compatible browser and set up correctly your IDE: Development Environment.

Step 2: Installation #

ActiveUI artifacts can be downloaded from https://support.activeviam.com/share/ActiveUI_stable/. For this tutorial, get the activeui-sandbox-$version.zip. For more information about the artifacts, see Installation.

Step 3: Install the ActiveUI Sandbox #

Unzip the sandbox project and follow the instructions on the sandbox project page.

Once the ActiveUI Sandbox is up and running, you should see links to:

  • the documentation served locally
  • an application called Showcase, containing live code examples (also referred as “snippets”), that developers can edit and play with.

Step 4: Install the ActivePivot Sandbox #

In order for the Showcase project to run, one need to install a compatible version of ActivePivot’s Sandbox.

To determine which version of ActivePivot you should install, please refer to https://support.activeviam.com/confluence/display/UI/ActiveUI+Compatibility+Matrices

By default, the Showcase project connects to ActivePivot server via the address http://localhost:9090/

Step 5: Code examples and reference #

Multiple sources are available to learn how to use the ActiveUI SDK:

  • You will find live and editable examples of code in the Showcase project
  • The Guides and Setup sections of this documentation provide useful information
  • The API reference is available here

Step 6: Going further #