Roll over PnL vectors

  1. Select the TradeId(s) you want to work on. This can be from any pivot table that has the TradeId dimension. Right-click and select What-If.

    The Create WhatIf dialog box is displayed with information about the selected TradeId within the scenario.

  2. Set a name for the branch where the system saves the result of the scaling. If the branch does not exist a new branch will be created.

  3. From the Select Date dropdown list, select the date whose data you want to use to overwrite the current data.

  4. Click OK. In the Pivot table, if the Epoch dimension is selected, the new branch you created is displayed adjacent to the master. The new branch contains the same data as the master branch except for the selected trade which is adjusted by the substitution you applied.

    To manage your branches and the simulations on them, use the WhatIf Manager.


This animation demonstrates how to create a rollover what-if.