File purpose

The file sets the directory and filename pattern for storing the exported approved mandate data.

By default the format is \[AsOfDate]\MRA_[MandateId]_[Date]_[Timestamp].csv

File values

Key Value Description DEFAULT::AsOfDate@Date@Dates Sets the date hierarchies to use when filtering exports.

* Entries should be separated by a comma, with the pattern “Domain::Level@Hierarchy@Dimension”.
* One or more domains can be grouped together, separated by “;”.
* Setting the domain as “DEFAULT” applies this configuration to any domain not explicitly configured.
* Configuration options are case-sensitive.
signoff.export.filenames.mdx-template MDXTemplate.vm Sets the filename of the template to use for MDX queries.
sign-off.adjustments.cube.signOffTaskLevels DEFAULT::Task@Sign-off Status@Sign-off The sign-off hierarchy used to filter the ‘TOTAL REVIEWABLE’ for export