File purpose

The hibernate.properties file is used to configure the Content Service database and connections to the Content Server.

File values

Key Value Description
hibernate.connection.driver_class org.h2.Driver Driver used for the Hibernate connection to the content server
hibernate.dialect org.hibernate.dialect.H2Dialect
hibernate.connection.url jdbc:h2:%{dbfile};DB_CLOSE_DELAY=-1 URL of the Hibernate connection to the content server. The %{dbfile} token will be resolved internally, based on the hibernate.dbfile.name property and a determined startup protocol (file/jarfile/remote).
hibernate.dbfile.name mr_ref_impl_content_service Name of the dbfile used in the hibernate connection URL. Depending on the startup configuration, will be attached to a resource directory and a protocol (file/jarfile/remote) internally.
hibernate.dbfile.create-on-reset true Toggle for the creation of a new database file if one isn’t provided. If set to ‘false’, the H2 db will default to an in-memory implementation that does not provide persistence.
hibernate.show_sql false
hibernate.format_sql false
hibernate.hikari.connectionTimeout 300000 Maximum time (in milliseconds) that a client will wait for a connection from the pool (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.idleTimeout 60000 Maximum time (in milliseconds) that a connection is allowed to sit idle in the pool (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.minimumIdle 1 Minimum number of idle connections that HikariCP tries to maintain in the pool (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.maximumPoolSize 20 Maximum size that the pool is allowed to reach, including both idle and in-use connections (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.poolName contentserver User-defined name for the connection pool. Displayed mainly in logging and JMX management consoles to identify pools and pool configurations (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.cachePrepStmts true Toggle to enable/disable the caching of prepared statements (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hikari.prepStmtCacheSize 50 Number of prepared statements to be cached per connection (connection to the content server).
hibernate.hbm2ddl.auto update NOTE: Remove this line once the table is created.