File location

The file is located in the folder risk-starter\src\main\resources.

File values

Key Value Description Email to use when connecting to Gmail. Name to use as the sender of emails.
reporting.consumers.mail.sender.password passstring Password to use when connecting to Gmail.

See 90 Time (in seconds) during which the binary reports are kept in the transient in-memory storage. http://localhost:10010/risk-activepivot Base URL of the server exposing the reporting functionalities.
reporting.producers.pdf.browserBasedPdfExportEndpointUrl http://localhost:5000/v1/pdf URL of the “export to PDF” endpoint of the Browser-based Export Server.
reporting.producers.pdf.activeUIUrls http://localhost:10010/ Comma-separated list of base URLs that correspond to an ActiveUI application.

This list is used by ActiveUIJwtBrowserExportPayloadConverter to decide whether to add the custom authentication properties to the payload sent to the Browser-based Export Server.