FX Effect on VaR


Note, simply multiplying the PNL vector by the Spot does not produce the correct PNL vector in domestic currency. VaR Fx Conversion

The currency rate is a stochastic variable that has to be taken into account in the VaR computation. For each scenario of the PNL vector, you must use a specific exchange rate. This exchange rate must be consistent with the corresponding scenario.

This will give us: VaR Fx Conversion Stoc

with the shift defined as VaR Fx Stoc

VaR computation and risk class

If the Risk Class axis is selected, we must split the VaR between the FX risk class and the underlying risk class.

So the VaR is split like this: VaR by risk class

The name of the FX risk class is given by the parameter risk.class.member.fx=FX

The FX exchange produces an effect on VaR only if the RiskFactorId column is set in the [FxRates] datastore, otherwise only the spot exchange rate conversion is applied.