Sign-off exports

Export Description
Store Fact-level data exported from the store fields contributing to the cube. This export type handles native measures without post-processing. The current implementation queries the cube for facts and selects the levels corresponding to store fields.
Aggregated Export of aggregated native measures queried from the cube. Aggregation is achieved through removing fields from a store query (e.g. removing the TradeID results in Book-level aggregated data).
Cube Export of any configured post-processed measures in the cube.


Standalone stores (e.g. market data stores) are not exported by any of the export tasks.

To ensure the later re-import of data, during the cube-level export we make the distinction between data that can be re-aggregated (e.g. PnL data at book level for historical trend analysis of VaR– linear aggregation) and data that cannot be re-aggregated (e.g. VaR data at book level – since VaR is a non- linear measure):

  • Cube exports are not meant to be reloaded in ActivePivot for re-aggregation.

  • Aggregated exports are exports of linear measures that are meant to be reloaded in ActivePivot for re-aggregation.