Cube Adjustments

Download sample file: cube-adjustments.csv

Contains data representing the definition of cube-level adjustments. This file is generated when data is exported after the sign-off process for a sign-off process instance is completed.

This Cube Adjustments file type is identified using the pattern: **cubeAdjustment*.csv (as specified by cubeLevelAdjustmentFilePattern). This file is loaded using the SignOffDigestStore topic. See the Topic Aliases table for an understanding of the topic aliases associated with each topic.

For information on the glob patterns used and how to customize them, see note on File name patterns

Field Key Null FieldType Description Example
ID Y N String Execution ID of the adjustment PNL_ADD_ON_0
SignOffTaskName Y N String The name of the task for which the adjustment was created Sensis Bonds
MandateAsOfDate Y N String with format ‘YYYY-MM-DD’ The as-of date for which the adjustment was created 2020-08-03
PivotID N N String The name of the cube for which the adjustment was created Sensitivities Cube
Digest N N String The string representing the location digest. A digest is a string representation of the form: dimensionName @hierarchyName = … | dimensionName @hierarchyName = … in which hierarchies for which the path is “AllMember” are excluded. Book@Bookings=AllMember\BookA|Trader=AllMember\John
Currency N N String The currency used to express the value of the adjustment EUR
Measure N N String The name of the measure to adjust Delta
Value N N String The value used to override the measure value 1000.0