Custom Workflow Settings

When adding a custom workflow, the user needs to update the project settings to pick up the workflow.

Backend settings

The workflow needs to be included in the Limits workflow properties based upon its type. If the workflow is linked with the lifecycle of the limit, then it belongs under limitWorkflows. If the workflow should be instantiated upon evaluation, then it belongs under exceptionWorkflows. To add the new workflow, add a new entry to either limitWorkflows or exceptionWorkflows based on its type with the following format:

      participants: <WORKFLOW_PARTICIPANTS>
  • <WORKFLOW_NAME> is a name given to the workflow by the user.
  • <WORKFLOW_PROCESS_ID> is the value of the <process id= tag defined at the beginning of the bpmn file.
  • <WORKFLOW_PARTICIPANTS> is a comma-separated list of users who have authority to move a limit along the workflow. This may not be required.

Below is an example from the Limits application.yml with a custom workflow:

          key: limit-process-instance.straight-through
          key: limit-process-instance.four-eyes
          participants: Approvers
          key: limit-process-instance.six-eyes
          participants: Examiners,Approvers
          key: custom-workflow-instance.key
          participants: Approvers
          key: limit-process-instance.exception

Frontend settings

No frontend settings are required.