Adding Custom Persistence Services


Atoti Limits lets you extend the persistence services. To do this, you need to import your implementation of the appropriate persistence service and mark it as primary. See Importing Spring Beans into the Project for details on how to do this.

Your implementation(s) must meet the requirements outlined below.


Service Description Required Reason
IPreferredLimitsAppPersistenceService The persistence service used throughout Atoti Limits Yes This service powers the REST services used by the Atoti Limits UI.
ILimitsAppDatastorePersistenceService The persistence service used to interact with the Atoti Datastore Yes This service powers the Atoti Limits cube.
ILimitsAppJpaDatabasePersistenceService The persistence service used to interact with an external database No N/A


To meet all requirements, you may have one persistence service that extends both ILimitsAppDatastorePersistenceService and IPreferredLimitsAppPersistenceService.