Adding Custom Workflow Tasks

This section describes how to create custom workflow tasks that work with the Atoti Limits server and UI. This section does not cover the creation of custom workflows, as this is outside the scope of Atoti Limits. For more information, see and Activiti. However, for including a custom workflow in the project, please see the Custom Workflow Settings.

Creating custom workflow tasks in Atoti Limits requires specifying task actions in order for the UI to correctly manage the task. The UI will represent the action in the form of a button and, once clicked, in a popup that will display the available fields of the action.

Creating custom workflow actions in Atoti Limits involves four steps:

  1. Updating the UserTask form properties in the .bpmn file
  2. Adding a Spring Bean to pick up the UserTask’s actions
  3. Implementing the java logic to process the submitted UserTask
  4. Adding the workflow in the Atoti Limits server and UI settings

The workflow actions will then be available as buttons in the UI in either: