Migration notes 1.0.0 Alpha

This page explains the changes required to migrate to the stated version of the Limits Module.

Migrate to 1.0.0-alpha

Upgrading from version 0.3.0 See Limits 1.0.0 Alpha Release Notes.

The Accelerator is using ActivePivot 5.10.9 and ActiveUI 5.0.11.

For new features and fixes included in these releases, please see the ActiveUI documentation and ActiveUI Migration Notes, and the release notes for ActivePivot.

Headline announcement

  • New config file is needed when integrating Limits Module in ActivePivot instances : To support the auto generated scopes for a Parent-Child level (LIM-220), a new restful endpoint is added by importing LevelPathRestServiceConfig.

Input file formats

No changes.

Configuration files

Files modified


New properties:

Property Name Comment Value
acc.auth.map Mapping of the Accelerator’s Credentials to use to create new KPIs and read Cube structures such as Dimensions and Measures. This is a Base64 encoded “User:Password” string. {'FRTB': 'http://localhost:8080/frtb-starter/pivot/rest/v5/cube'}
limits.rest.url The URL where Limit’s REST API is located http://localhost:3090/limits/rest/v1/
limits.auth The Base64 encoded authentication to use when communicating with the Limits server “admin:admin” gets encoded to: YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=
content.server.url The URL of the Content Server used between connected Servers. http://localhost:8080/frtb-starter/content
content.server.auth The Base64 encoded authentication to use when communicating with the Content Server server “admin:admin” gets encoded to: YWRtaW46YWRtaW4=


Added stores

Store Details
ScopeKeys This object contains the scope key of the limit definition.
ScopeValues This object contains the scope value of the limit definition.

Cube schema

No changes.


No changes.

Context values

No changes.

Other changes

Add LevelPathRestServiceConfig.class in the accelerator’s main configuration file (where all configuration files are imported), more specifically inside the @Import annotation.

For Scopes of Parent-Child hierarchies, the hierarchy name must be included in the scope definition. The format would become: @=. Example: Level 5@BookHierarchy=IR_TRADING. This also applies to all scopes where the level name appears in more than one hierarchy. If a level appears in more than one hierarchy and the hierarchy is not specified, that Limit Definition will not be pushed to the datastore.

Add the property parent-child.levels, declaring all Parent-Child scopes to be processed. The format of the property value is: @=@ An example: parent-child.levels=FRTB@StandardisedApproachCube=BookHierarchy@Organization

Add the property level-path.url to properties file. It is a map of accelerator name to /levelPath endpoint url. This allows Parent-Child scopes to be processed. Example: level-path.url={‘FRTB’: ‘http://localhost:8080/frtb-starter/services/rest/v1/levelPath/’}