Data Load Controller classes

The configuration of the DLC in the Market Risk Accelerator is found in the following classes in the risk-starter module.


Class Description
DataLoadControllerConfig The main configuration file for the DLC in the Accelerator.
* Creates the IDataLoadController bean
* Registers the sources, channels, and topic aliases
* Turns scopes into RemoveWhere clauses for unloading data
DataLoadControllerFileConfig Contains the configuration for turning different types of scope into parameters for scanning for data files
DataLoadControllerSourceConfigs The beans representing the sources registered with the DLC. The beans in this class wrap (mostly) pre-existing beans in the old SourceConfig files.
InitialDataLoadConfig Contains the logic for determining what data is loaded on start-up.

Spring configuration

Qualifier Type Description
@Qualifier(“DLC-source”) ICsvSourceConfig<?> The beans containing the different source configs that will be handled by the DLC.
@Qualifier(“DLC-registration”) Consumer Registers handlers that will be called during the DLC initialisation.