Customising the Market Risk Accelerator

This page describes the options available for customising the to meet your requirements.

Customisation Options

Clients may choose to use an Accelerator “as is” by conforming to published data input file structures and data stores. Alternatively, clients may use the Accelerator purely as a starting point for building a suitable system with additional functionality.

Customisation Details
Adding Maven repositories and extracting the source code, prior to installation, in order to build the entire project.
This will build the executable JAR files for ActivePivot, ActiveMonitor, and an optimised version of the UI.
Building & deploying the Accelerator
Making changes at start-up to the following components:
* ActivePivot
* ActiveUI
* ActiveMonitor
Guidelines for developing on the Accelerator
Setting a sign-off workflow, including policies for resolving conflicts See the Sign-Off Module documentation
Managing workflow, security and persistence settings for What-If simulations Customising What-If simulations
Upgrading the Accelerator and merging new versions Upgrading
Exporting and importing bookmarks to and from a directory structure, using a utility called the Bookmark Tool, which is pre-configured in the Accelerators. Managing bookmarks with the Bookmark Tool
Customising the Datastore outside the standard datastore config class, using the Datastore Helper, a library and API, pre-configured in the Accelerators. Customising the Datastore with the Datastore Helper
Extending the Market Risk Accelerator * Adding and Loading New Columns to an Existing File
* Adding New Cube Hierarchies
* Adding New Cube Measures
* Adding New KPIs
* Adding New Data Loading or Unloading Topics
* Enriching File Fields by Adding Column Calculators

Derivative Works and Clients' IP

In the project, Accelerator source code is delivered and IT users are free to make derivative works (which become the clients' IP) to adapt to their data sources and requirements.