Project configuration

Properties files

For details, see Configuration files

Location: risk-starter/src/main/resources

File Purpose configure the DEE service tool that is intended to perform data extractions. For PnL Explain: Define the type of computation (formula and Taylor expansion order) per risk class and sensitivity measure Define pattern matching formats for input files Computations Set the directory and filename pattern for storing the exported approved mandate data. By default the format is [AsOfDate]\MRA_[MandateId][Date][Timestamp].csv

Data Files

You will need to specify where your CSV files are placed. In the default implementation, the CSV files are required to provide ActivePivot with the necessary data and configuration to do the calculations in the Accelerator.

All the files need to be kept under one directory of your choice anywhere on the file system. The path to this directory needs to be specified in The below property needs to be updated to specify an accessibly directory containing the necessary files.

Sample files can be found in the risk-starter/src/test/resources/data folder


To get started with deployment (e.g. if you are not running the application directly from the IDE) you can easily copy/paste the whole sample data folder (from source zip) into somewhere accessible by your deployed runtime, and change the configuration in accordingly to point to that data.


If you want to replace the bookmarks you have persisted in your content server, there are several options for overriding the content of the content server with the core Accelerator bookmarks at startup.

The behaviour of the bookmark reset is driven by the contentServer.factory-reset group of properties in the file.

The contentServer.factory-reset property determines whether the reset is performed, and from which persistence type. Available options are:

  • true: Imports data from a single JSON file

  • file: Same as for true

  • folder: Imports the bookmarks from a folder-based hierarchical representation of the ActiveUI bookmark tree.

  • false: Does not reset the bookmarks. The bookmarks are loaded directly from the content server without any modification.

The location from which the Accelerator will attempt to load the various options is determined by the factory reset filename (contentServer.factory-reset.filename) and folder name (contentServer.factory-reset.folder-name) properties. The default values point to the Accelerator sample files on the classpath.

Due to the inability to load classpath files or folders from a JAR file, running the application via the SpringBoot JAR will require overriding the property via the CLI argument:


The accelerator ships with bookmark samples as either a single file risk-content-server.json or a folder (risk-content-server). Both options contain sample bookmarks for the VaR-ES, Sensitivities, and PnL Cubes.


You will need to specify in the ActiveUI configuration file where the ActivePivot project is running. Please note, the end-user’s browser will be connecting to the URL you specify here, so you should specify the exact host name as opposed to localhost.

The standalone application contains a risk_env.js file which will need to be updated with the correct server URL:

# The URL to use to connect to ActivePivot
activePivotServerUrl: 'http://localhost:10010/risk-starter',

ActiveMonitor (optional)

If you choose to deploy ActiveMonitor, you will need to modify the following properties files:

  • (risk-starter)

    # The URL to use to connect to the ActiveMonitor
    # The URL to use to connect to the ActiveMonitor repository
    # The URL of the current ActivePivot
  • env.js (risk-activeui)

    # The URL to use to connect to the ActiveMonitor
    activeMonitorServerUrl: 'http://localhost:8081/risk-activemonitor',

DoctorPivot Configuration (optional)

No changes required