UI settings

Module settings

A module is designed to operate on top of an existing server. This interaction is configured through the Module Settings, and because this is specific to each setup, these do not come with a default value.

Cube-specific module settings

These settings have to be specified for each applicable Cube of each applicable server under the availableApplicationServers module setting. You can use the "*" key as a wildcard to apply a unique configuration to all the Cubes within that server.

A server key not listed in this setting is considered excluded from the scope of the module.

  availableApplicationServers: {
    [serverKey: string]: {
      [cubeName: string | *]: {
        // Cube-specific module settings go here
Key Type Description Example
asOfDateDimensionName string The name of the as-of date dimension of this Cube.
asOfDateHierarchyName string The name of the as-of date hierarchy of this Cube.
asOfDateLevelName string The name of the as-of date level of this Cube.

Limits module settings

Key Type Description Example
serverNameToServerKey Record<string, string> Maps an application server name as known by the Limits server to its server key as known by the UI. {"FRTB": "FRTB", "MarketRisk": "MR"}

Limits settings

Key Type Description Example
auditTrailNodeColors {green: string[]; blue: string[]; red: string[]} Maps a color to a list of statuses. This helps classifying statuses in the limit and exception audit trail panel.
exceptionWorkflowParticipants Record<string, string[]> Maps each exception workflow name to a list of participant types. {Exception: []}
limitsRESTEndpoint string The service part of the URL of Atoti Limits REST services. /limits/rest/v2
limitsServerName string The server key for the server hosting Atoti Limits. "LIMITS"
limitsWorkflowParticipants Record<string, string[]> Maps each limit workflow name to a list of participant types. {FourEyes: ["Approvers"]}
restrictedScopes Array<{dimensionName: string, hierarchyName: string, namePath: string[]}> The list of scopes which will not appear in the scope selector when adding new limits. {dimensionName: "Booking", hierarchyName: "Books", namePath: ["AllMember", "CM_OILGAS", "BK_CSR_1"]}
roles string[] The list of roles available to be selected as workflow participants. ["ROLE_USERS", "ROLE_MANAGERS"]