Incidents file

Download sample file: incidents.csv

The incidents.csv file is generated by AlertTasks, listing the breaches and warnings detected. This file populates the Incidents store through a fetch topic. Every server’s data directory has its own “incident” directory, for example, src/test/resources/data-samples/data/{server}/incident. For each breach or warning, a new file is created per run and per KPI, with the file name format “/incident_{kpiName}_{lastUpdateTimeStamp}.csv”.

Column Name Description Required Value Example
limitKey Unique key for evaluated limit Y 417288935
Incident Type The type of Incident: BREACH or WARNING Y BREACH or WARNING
Measure Value Value of Measure at evaluated location Y 6056856.442934998
Location Location in the cube where the Incident occurred Y Desk@Desks@Booking
MDX MDX used to evaluate status Y “SELECT NON EMPTY Hierarchize( Descendants( { [Booking].[Books].[AllMember] }, 1 ) ) ON ROWS, NON EMPTY { [Measures].[FX Risk Charge], [Measures].[SA Book Limit2 Status] } ON COLUMNS FROM [StandardisedApproachCube] WHERE ([displayCurrency].[displayCurrency].[USD], [Dates].[Date].[2018-09-28]) CELL PROPERTIES VALUE, FORMATTED_VALUE, BACK_COLOR, FORE_COLOR, FONT_FLAGS”
As Of Date The AsOfDate of the limits cube Y 2018-09-28
BreachCount Breach count Y 1
EvaluationTimestamp When the evaluation was run Y 13:43:23.478
SessionID Limit Session ID N bcb4dfca-a1b7-448b-9c1a-43f511427e51
Status Status of the Incident Y Breach
Workflow The Exception workflow N Exception
Workflow parameters Exception workflow parameters N
Comment Comment about the Incident N This Incident is a technical issue