Migration notes 2.0

This page explains the changes required to migrate to the stated version of the Atoti Limits.

Migrate to 2.0.1-ui-update-2

No migration needed.

Migrate to 2.0.1-ui-update-1

The activate function’s signature has changed. See UI Activation for more details.

Migrate to 2.0.1

No migration needed.

Migrate to 2.0.0-ui-update-1

No migration needed.

Migrate to 2.0.0

Upgrading from version 1.1.0 See the Atoti Limits 2.0.0 Release Notes.

Atoti Limits is using Atoti Server 5.10.9 and Atoti UI 5.0.23.

For new features and fixes included in these releases, please see the Atoti UI documentation and Atoti UI Migration Notes, and the release notes for Atoti Server.

Headline announcement

  • Temporary Limits: The ability to evaluate a temporary limit is now available.
  • Redesigned UI: Limits Inventory and Breaches screen, Limits menu in top navigation bar.
  • Updated REST endpoints: REST endpoints have been updated from v1 to v2, and all Limits REST endpoints will be prefixed by /limits/rest/v2/.

Input file formats


File Details
limit_structures.csv Limit Definitions was replaced by Limit Structures.
limits_approve.csv limits_approve contains individual limits. Multiple limits can exist for a single limit structure.
legacy_limits.csv The method for loading limits and their structures in one file.

Configuration files

Files Modified


New properties:

Property Name Comment Value
limits.legacy.file.path.matcher Regular expression to match “legacy_limits' CSV file. glob:**/legacy_limits.csv

Updated properties:

Property Name Comment New Value Old Value
limits.definitions.file.path.matcher Replaced “definitions” with “structures” glob:**/limit_structures.csv glob:**/limit_definitions.csv

New properties:

Property Name Comment Value
print.schema Boolean property used by developers to print the datastore schema false
limit.csv.load.mode Determines the type of file loading for limits. Values are separate or accumulate. Not recommended to change, as the accumulate mode is the legacy format, and will be removed in future versions. separate


Added stores

Store Details
IncidentStore Replaces the AlertsDefinition store.
LimitStructures Replaces the LimitsDefinition store.
LimitsStore Replaces the LimitsDefinition store.

Deleted stores

Store Details
AlertsDefinition Replaced by IncidentStore
LimitDefinition LimitDefinitionStore was split into LimitStructures and Limits

Cube schema


Cube Dimension Hierarchy Levels Datastore fields Details
Limits Reference ID Reference ID Reference ID Reference ID Unique identifier for a given Limit structure
Limits Limit Name Limit Name Limit Name Limit Name The name of a Limit


Cube Dimension Hierarchy Levels Datastore fields Details
Limits Limit Type Limit Type Limit Type Limit Type The type of Limit: OFFICIAL or TEMPORARY. Used to be called Frequency Type
Limits parentLimitKey parentLimitKey parentLimitKey parentLimitKey Key linking a limit to a parent evaluation


No changes.

Context values

No changes.

Other changes

No changes.