Custom Workflow Settings

When adding a custom workflow, the user needs to update the project settings to pick up the workflow.

Backend settings

The workflow needs to be included in the Limits workflow properties. The property is in the format limits.workflow-types.<WORKFLOW_NAME>=<WORKFLOW_PROCESS_ID> where:

  • <WORKFLOW_NAME> is a name given to the workflow by the user
  • <WORKFLOW_PROCESS_ID> is the value of the <process id= tag defined at the beginning of the bpmn file.

Frontend settings

limitsWorkflowMap: {
      FourEyes: {
        name: "FourEyes",
        participants: ["Examiners"],
      SixEyes: {
        name: "SixEyes",
        participants: ["Examiners", "Approvers"],
      StraightThrough: {
        name: "StraightThrough",
        participants: [],


When adding exception workflows, update the exceptionWorkflowMap in limits.ui.LimitsSettings.ts with the following:

   exceptionWorkflowMap: {
      Exception: {
        name: "Exception",
        participants: [],