Date Roll

Atoti Limits uses the asOfDate.csv file to roll the date. This file sets the asOfDate for the application. The asOfDate is used for evaluating limits against connected Atoti servers.

The application assumes there is one AsOfDate. Every start of the business date, Atoti Limits expects the clients to send in as_of_date.csv with the new date to roll over the AsOfDate.

Atoti Limits uses the AsOfDate during the evaluation against the business cubes. It first queries the valid limit definitions where StartDate <= AsOfDate <= EndDate then composes the MDX queries with the AsOfDate against the business cubes.

How to roll the date

The client can roll the date by sending the updated as_of_date.csv file via Data Load Controller as following:

Restful end point: http://localhost:3090/custom/rest/load-controller/execute Method: Post

{ "operation":"LOAD",
"topics": ["AsOfDate"],
"scope": {

Trigger a date roll via REST

The AsOfDate value of the Limits cube can be changed with LimitsAsOfDateRestService, which contains a /set endpoint. This endpoint changes the AsOfDate value for the Limits cube.