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Getting started

Atoti UI is an off-the-shelf web application allowing users to create and share real-time dashboards, based on large amounts of data stored in Atoti.

It is extensible via plugins.

The Atoti JavaScript API is the TypeScript library behind Atoti. It exports building blocks, usable in any application.

Run Atoti UI#

To deploy Atoti UI, you should:

  • Download from Artifactory.
  • Unzip it.
  • Edit env.js to fill in your ActivePivot and Content Server URLs.

If your server is based on the ActivePivot sandbox, then these 2 URLs are likely to be identical.

Initialize your Content Server.#

This can be done by connecting to the Admin UI (usually accessible at /admin under your server URL) as a user with admin privileges, and using the dedicated button as shown below:

Content Server initialization

  • Serve the activeui-starter-5.0.37 folder using an application server, such as Tomcat or NGINX.

Extend Atoti UI#

To learn how to extend Atoti UI, have a look at our tutorial.