Interacting with ActiveViam components

This section provides tips on starting up and interacting with the ActivePivot, ActiveUI and ActiveMonitor components while you are developing on the Sign-Off Module:


  1. Build all the modules of the project

    a. Use maven to build the project. You can use the command mvn clean install on the parent pom

  2. Start the server by running com.activeviam.signoff.starter.SignOff which can be found in the signoff-starter module.


You will need to install the project from the standalone application folder. This will download all the necessary Javascript dependencies to run ActiveUI.

If you’re making any changes to ActiveUI and you want to see your changes get picked up instantly, you can start up a node instance. In order to do this, navigate to the signoff-activeui folder and run npm start.

When your node instance is running, you will be able to access ActiveUI on the URL http://localhost:3000.