Project configuration

Properties files

Location: signoff-starter/src/main/resources

File Purpose
application.yml Properties defining the content server settings, the Application database, the Audit Log database and the Activiti databae, and the parameters for the starter web apps
logback-spring.xml Properties for configuring the logging
serializer.jaxb.cfg.xml JAXB mapping used for the XML connfiguration of ActivePivot schemas and cubes


Location: In the delivered source file code for the UI, mra-product-control-ui/src

File Purpose
SignOffSettings.ts Properties to define UI sign-off tasks and workflow parameters
env.js General properties to connect to the Sign-Off server and the Accelerator server

You will need to specify in the ActiveUI configuration file where the ActivePivot project is running.

Note, the end-user’s browser will be connecting to the URL you specify here, so you should specify the exact host name as opposed to localhost.

The standalone application contains a signoff_env.js file which will need to be updated with the correct server URL:

# The URL to use to connect to ActivePivot
activePivotServerUrl: 'http://localhost:10010/signoff-starter',

Configuring multiple servers for sign-off in env.js

Element Customization Property
apServers For each server listed, set the value to true if the server is performing the sign-off

For example,
apServers: [ { name:'MRA', url: 'http://localhost:10010/risk-activepivot, csServerName: 'MRA', isSignOff: true
(none) Specify the application server names that will use sign-off.

For example,
expectedSignOffServerNames: ['MRA', "FRTB"],