Atoti Limits Overview


Atoti Limits is a dedicated limits management system for Atoti, designed for financial services. It’s a comprehensive workflow solution that lets you create, update, and approve limits easily, providing you have the proper access rights. It’s plugged directly into the analytics environment of Atoti, which enables you to investigate and deliver a report on any breach quickly and reliably.

In providing a configurable Limits server integrated with Atoti projects and Solutions, Atoti Limits enables you to:

  • Map the limits definitions onto the monitored data,
  • Audit, control, and verify the business in compliance with the risk appetite framework
  • Perform root cause analysis by drilling into the monitored data
  • Set proactive alerts and complete limit monitoring in a timely manner
  • Perform intra-day or end-of-day limit checks
  • Trace the audit trail, automate escalation process


Atoti Limits is not a golden source of the limits. The module expects to receive the daily limits definitions as input.

Module Concepts

Atoti modules are off-the-shelf solutions ready to use alongside bespoke solutions or Atoti Solutions. They allow for quicker implementation of business functionality and are supported and updated by ActiveViam.