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A customer account is required to read the description of all the REST services provided with the ActivePivot application.

ActivePivot & Database

ActivePivot REST API allows one to queries against the cube. To prepare these queries and understand the structure of the cube, endpoints provide descriptions of the Cube hierarchies and measures. You can also add new MDX members and measures.

When exposed, the Database REST API is accessible for querying and even editing, using Mongo-like requests. Branches are supported and can be manipulated from the API.

Content Service

The Content Service offers a REST API that allows you to manipulate the folders and files stored in it. Additionally, you can import and export a given folder of documents.


ActiveMonitor can be completely managed from its REST API. You can access all monitors, list, update, and delete them. You can explore and handle Events and Alerts through the API. The API offers an endpoint dedicated to the setup of workflows, defining default configurations and assigning or changing the workflows of any entity.

ActiveMonitor Repository is also accessible from the API, accepting any CRUD operation (Create Read Update Delete).


DataExport service allows you to download the result of MDX queries to a stream or directly export them to files in the server or in the cloud. The exports can be customized.


The version API offers details about the exposed services, their versions and the URLs of these services.

ActivePivot offers an extensible Reporting system, which you can trigger by REST calls to this API.

In combination with ActivePivot Performance Monitoring tools, an endpoint allows you to forward external traces to the internal tracing service used by ActivePivot. This is useful for tracking custom components interacting with ActivePivot.