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Atoti Overview

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Atoti is an in-memory aggregation and calculation framework. It lets you explore metrics across hundreds of dimensions, analyze live data at its most granular level and perform what-if simulations at unparalleled speed.

Atoti Global Picture

Data can be loaded in a relational format in the datastore, with a full ETL process allowing different data sources and providing simple to complex transformation capabilities. Data is then aggregated, and complex computations and analytics can be performed in the Atoti cube. It can also directly be queried from an external database system, without needing an ETL process and data loading. See the Direct Query section.

Atoti Server can be queried through different front ends. Our dedicated front end, Atoti UI, allows for real-time graphical visualization of the changes in the data. It is also compatible with multiple commercial front ends.

Don't know where to start ? See our Getting Started section.