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Deprecated features

This article lists the most impacting deprecated features of ActivePivot, so you can plan your migrations ahead of time. Deprecated features can be removed in a future minor version (6.X.0).

For a more complete list of deprecations, please read the changelog.

Deprecated features in 6.0


Atoti Server contains code for our internal teams and a public API. The public API must be stable and well documented, whereas the internal code is for internal developments and as such is prone to change more frequently without notice. For clarity, we have decided to separate and make more visible which parts of code are internal and which are in the public API.

From version 6.0, Atoti Server annotates some classes as @Deprecated, for removal in 6.1. These deprecations are accompanied by another custom annotation @InternalApi. The @InternalAPI annotation indicates that these classes were designed to be used by our internal teams at ActiveViam only, and not as part of the public API. It is for this reason that they are being deprecated. Atoti Server does not provide any replacement for them, as these classes are not features.

For example, the small class QfsLists contains helper functions, factorizing some internal repeated code. Thus, this class will be made internal.
CancellableCountedCompleter and other classes of the package com.qfs.concurrent.cancellable.impl have also been annotated with @InternalAPI These classes build the machinery for concurrent operations in Atoti Server. They are complex classes, updated to match the various requirements of Atoti Server. They do not form a general-purpose framework for concurrent operations, open to clients. As such, they are also migrated to become pure internal classes.

These deprecations are defined at various levels:

  • package level, deprecating all classes in the package;
  • class level, deprecating the entire class and inner classes;
  • method and field level.
  • PIVOT-4747 The Query API of the Datastore is deprecated as it is superseded by the Query API of the Database.
  • PIVOT-4747 The usages of IDatastoreVersion should be replaced by IDatabaseVersion.
  • PIVOT-5429 AAnalysisHierarchy is deprecated in favor of AAnalysisHierarchyV2.
  • PIVOT-8247 IDatastoreSchemaDescriptionPostProcessor and all the implementations are deprecated. Datastore's description post-processors are no longer needed. Most of the transformation done in the post processors can be done directly at the schema's description creation.

Deprecated features in 5.11

  • PIVOT-4653<I, Object>) is deprecated for memory performance reasons. It was removed in 6.0.0.
  • PIVOT-4653<IArrayReader, Object>) is deprecated for memory performance reasons. It was removed in 6.0.0.
  • PIVOT-4653 IEvaluator is deprecated in favor of IEvaluatorV2. It was removed in 6.0.0, and IEvaluatorV2 was renamed IEvaluator.
  • PIVOT-4653 AAdvancedPostProcessor is deprecated in favor of AAdvancedPostProcessorV2. It was removed in 6.0.0, and AAdvancedPostProcessorV2 was renamed AAdvancedPostProcessor.
  • PIVOT-4653 ABasicPostProcessor is deprecated in favor of ABasicPostProcessorV2. It was removed in 6.0.0, and ABasicPostProcessorV2 was renamed ABasicPostProcessor.
  • PIVOT-4653 ADynamicAggregationPostProcessor is deprecated in favor of ADynamicAggregationPostProcessorV2. It was removed in 6.0.0, and ADynamicAggregationPostProcessorV2 was renamed ADynamicAggregationPostProcessor.
  • PIVOT-4653 ABaseDynamicAggregationPostProcessor is deprecated in favor of ABaseDynamicAggregationPostProcessorV2. It was removed in 6.0.0, and ABaseDynamicAggregationPostProcessorV2 was renamed ABaseDynamicAggregationPostProcessor.
  • PIVOT-4655 IExport(Rest)Service are deprecated in favor of IDataExport(Rest)Service. They were removed in 6.0.0.

Deprecated features in 5.10

  • PIVOT-4244 Our web services exposed with SOAP are deprecated. They were removed in 6.0.0.
  • PIVOT-4244 Configuring a cube with an XML file is deprecated. The feature was removed in 5.11.0.
  • PIVOT-4776 The IMultiMap<K,V> API was removed in AP 5.11. Use Map<K,Collection<V>> instead.

Deprecated features in 5.9

  • APS-12686 The JGroupsMessenger has been deprecated in 5.9 and removed in 5.10.
  • PIVOT-4070 The transaction log and the datastore replication has been deprecated in 5.9 and removed in 5.10.
  • PIVOT-4217 Configuring your application with Spring XML configuration files is deprecated.