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Compatibility with Databases

This page list the Databases and their versions supported by DirectQuery.

The following notations are used:

tickfully supported
pluspartially supported
crosswill not be supported

Managed Databases

DirectQuery can connect to various managed Databases, such as Snowflake or BigQuery. These Database systems automatically updates. ActiveViam will manage DirectQuery dependencies to remain compatible with the only available versions of these databases.

Amazon Redshifttick
Google BigQuerytick
Microsoft Azure Synapsetick


Different compute resources are available on Databricks: SQL warehouses and clusters. When choosing a compute resource type, be aware that the differences between them impact DirectQuery available features around vectors.

SQL warehouse

SQL warehouses are supported.

Databricks cluster

With clusters, Databricks let the end user select a runtime version. Runtime versions have releases, LTS releases and a support policy, see

DirectQuery supports the following versions of the Databricks runtime:

14.3 (LTS)tick
13.3 (LTS)tick
12.2 (LTS)tick

DirectQuery supports only LTS releases but is also tested against the most recent major version (which is usually not an LTS). The most recent non-LTS tested version of the Databricks runtime can have its minor version upgraded with any Atoti Server patch release.

We recommend to use one of the tested versions, even if a more recent major version and a different minor version might be compatible. However, it is not recommended to use an older major version than the one tested by DirectQuery.

Self-hosted Databases

DirectQuery can connect to a limited set of self-hosted Databases. For these Databases, we will support a limited range of versions, range being decided on case by case.


23.8 (LTS)tick
23.3 (LTS)tick
22.8 (LTS)tick
22.3 (LTS)tick
21.3 (LTS)tick

Note: DirectQuery is also internally tested against the very latest stable version of ClickHouse. As releases of ClickHouse happen at a regular pace, this information is changing too frequently to figure in this document. Users are free to open support questions to check if a particular version is supported.

Support policy: ClickHouse releases 2 LTS per year, each one having a lifespan of 1 year, these are usually tagged with the year and the month, for example 23.3 for the 2023 March release. At every minor version release of Atoti Server, DirectQuery supports the most recent LTS release.
In maintenance and bugfix releases, support for a new ClickHouse LTS may be added as a backward-compatible feature.
This policy guarantees any specific ClickHouse LTS version to be supported throughout the lifespan of a given Atoti Server minor version.

Microsoft SQL Server