Migration Notes - 4.0

This page explains the changes required to migrate from 3.0.2-AP5.11 to 4.0-AP6.0 version of Atoti Data Connectors.


No migration needed from Atoti Data Connectors 4.0.4 to 4.0.5.


No migration needed from Atoti Data Connectors 4.0.3 to 4.0.4.


Migrate to 4.0.3 Overview

Configuration Properties

New properties:

Property Name Comment Value
dee.get-aggregates-query.use-default-members When enabled, all members of slicing hierarchies are included in the extraction. When disabled, only the default members are included. Boolean. Default: true


Migrate to 4.0.2 Overview

  • The ILocalDataExtractionService and ILocalEnhancedDrillthroughService REST services have been deprecated as they are not intended for external use.


No migration needed from Atoti Data Connectors 4.0.0 to 4.0.1.

Minimum AP Version

This version of Data Connectors only supports AP 6.0.2 and up.


Migrate to 4.0.0 Overview

This tool is using ActivePivot 6.0.1.

For new features and fixes included in this ActivePivot release, please see the ActivePivot 6.0.1 Changelog.

Headline announcement

Configuration files

ActivePivot configuration property names have been updated in AP 6.0, please make sure to adjust your Source Properties accordingly. A complete list of old and new property names can be found in ActivePivot’s 6.0 Migration Notes

CSV Source Configuration

In AP 6.0 the ICSVSource implementations now take a configuration class ICSVSourceConfiguration to configure the Source’s properties. Previously, this was a Properties object. This interface does not contain a name and the DLC names its sources so a DlcCSVSourceConfiguration is to be used with the DLC Sources.

New DlcCSVSourceConfiguration CSV Configuration Object

CSV Sources used to take a Properties object for configuration. Now the ICSVSource implementations can be configured with a ICSVSourceConfiguration object.

To ease in the usage and to ensure that the DLC CSV Sources are configured correctly, you have to use a DlcCSVSourceConfiguration object when configuring your DLC CSVSources.

You can create this class by wrapping an existing ICSVSourceConfiguration or by using the DlcCSVSourceConfigurationBuilder.

Below is an example of wrapping an existing ICSVSourceConfiguration for a LocalCsvScopedFetchSource:

 * Creates a DlcCSVSourceConfiguration from an ICSVSourceConfiguration
public DlcCSVSourceConfiguration<Path> createDlcCsvSourceConfiguration(){
    // Create CSV Source Configuration - possibly elsewhere in code
    CSVSourceConfiguration<I> csvSourceConfiguration=new CSVSourceConfiguration.CSVSourceConfigurationBuilder<I>()

    // Create the DlcCSVSourceConfiguration from the existing ICSVSourceConfiguration and specify the source's name:
    DlcCSVSourceConfiguration<Path> dlcCSVSourceConfiguration=new DlcCSVSourceConfiguration<>(csvSourceConfiguration, "Local CSV Source");

    return dlcCSVSourceConfiguration

Below is an example of using the DlcCSVSourceConfigurationBuilderto create a new DlcCSVSourceConfiguration:

 * Creates a DlcCSVSourceConfiguration. Note that the .sourceName() method must be called first
public DlcCSVSourceConfiguration<Path> createDlcCsvSourceConfiguration(){
    return new DlcCSVSourceConfiguration.DlcCSVSourceConfigurationBuilder<Path>()
        .sourceName("Local CSV Source")

Tracing Configuration

See DLC Tracing for more information.

See DLC Tracing for more information.

The DLC and DEE rely on a Tracing implementation to be present in order to name and track operations and processes. For instance, the DLC will name a task based on a TraceId and all subsequent processes will also be tagged with the same TraceId but unique SpanIds.

Because of this reliance on Tracing, the ActivePivot APM module needs to be configured in your ActivePivot project.

You also need to add an implementation of a Tracing Configuration. You can see an example inside of or implement your own by following the ActivePivot Tracing Documentation.

Brave Tracing Example

Here’s an example of a Tracing configuration: Example Tracing Configuration.


The following classes and features have been removed.


The following requirements are no longer required as of Data Connectors 4.0.0:

  • No longer need a ServicesConfigBeanPostProcessor.class in your ApplicationConfig.
  • No longer need to specify the "com.activeviam.apm" path in your Registry as the APM has been integrated into the core ActivePivot.


  • CFX support
  • XML support for DEE order definitions
  • DEE Remoting Service


The REST services have been refactored and now rely on Spring MVC rather than ActivePivot to expose REST Services.

Renamed classes:

Previous Current
ADataExtractionRestService ADataExtractionRestController
DataLoadControllerRestService DataLoadControllerRestController
DataLoadControllerRestService DataLoadControllerRestController
CsvDataExtractionRestService CsvDataExtractionRestController
EnhancedDrillthroughRestService EnhancedDrillthroughRestController