DEE File Output


The transformNAToEmpty property only applies to non-measure output columns (ex: level output columns). To format N/A measure output columns please read the DEE Measure Output Column section.

JSON Structure

"output": {
  "@type": "fileOutput",
  "locale": ,
  "tailoredColumnsHeader": ["Header 1", "Header 2", ...],
  "hasColumnNamesHeader": true,
  "transformNAToEmpty": false,
  "measureValueIfNull": "",
  "filenameRoot": "subdir/file_name.ext",
  "csvSeparator": ",",
  "maxRowsPerFile": 1000000,
  "maxRawDataSizePerFile": 10737
  "compressionType": "NONE",
  "keepOutputFileIfFailure": true,
  "columns": [
  "extractionProcedure": {

Property Details

Property Values Default Value
locale String Locale.getDefault()
tailoredColumnsHeader List of String
hasColumnNamesHeader Boolean True
surroundWrittenDataWithQuotes Boolean False
transformNAToEmpty Boolean False
measureValueIfNull String Empty String
filenameRoot String File Name. See filenameRoot property details for more
csvSeparator String “,”
maxRowsPerFile Integer 1,000,000
maxRawDataSizePerFile Long 1 GiB
compressionType CompressionType: “NONE”, “ZIP”, “GZIP” ZIP
keepOutputFileIfFailure Boolean True
columns List of DEE Output Columns
extractionProcedure Optional extractionProcedure