Migration Notes - 3.0.0

This page explains the changes required to migrate from 2.2.2-AP5.10 to 3.0.0-AP5.11 version of Data Connectors.


Migrate to 3.0.0 Overview

Upgrading from a previous version. See Previous Release Notes.

Data Connectors is now using ActivePivot 5.11.

Headline announcement

  • Support for ActivePivot 5.11.0 : Data Connectors has been upgraded to support ActivePivot 5.11+.
  • Migrated to using ActivePivot 5.11’s APM : Previously, we leveraged a separate APM library. Now the same (and more) features are directly packaged into the main core AP artifacts, decreasing technical debt.


Class Modification
IDataSource fetch() now returns a map: Map<String, ? extends ITopicParsingReport>

APM Changes:

The following APM classes have changed. Your application config will need to reflect these changes.

Class Replaced By
APMTracingConfig.class TracingConfig.class
APMActivePivotServicesConfig.class ServicesConfigBeanPostProcessor.class

Known Issues

The constant that defines the name of the bean used to initialize the APM’s Tracing APMTracingConfig.APM_TRACING is not publicly accessible at the moment, up to AP 5.11.1.

As a workaround, use the value “APM_TRACING” when configuring the @DependsOn statement for the bean that defines the initial data workload logic.

Here is an example:

    @DependsOn(value = {"APM_TRACING"})
    public Void initialLoad() {
        // Load data here...