Loading data with the DLC

We can load by either “fetching” or “listening” a particular topic or list of topics.

The fetch operation is normally used to load bulk / EOD data, and also for ad-hoc loading during the day. The request is synchronous and the client will wait until the load completes.

The listen operation is supported for a messaging source like Kafka, where the DLC keeps “listening” for data in the remote messaging topic. It is most suited for real-time data loading. The request is asynchronous, the client will receive a response indicating whether the consumers started successfully or not.

To load data, one can invoke the REST service with a json payload indicating the operation (load or listen), which topic/s to load and the scope (eg. particular CobDate). More than one topic (separated by commas) can be included in a request. To avoid specifying multiple topics each time, one can configure an alias (on the AP server side), that will comprise of the topics to load.

The DLC endpoint is normally secured, therefore the Authorization header needs to be included in the request.