Changelog & Migration Notes



  • PST-667 Listening (real time) CSV Data-loading has been implemented.


  • PST-6684: Removed IScopedFetchSource interface as it causes confusion, and is functionally identical to IFetchingDataSource.
  • PST-690: Fixed DEE issue in AEnhancedDrillthroughService in case of entries with the same underlying datastore field and entries without dictionaries. Fixed export of vector.
  • PST-685: Fixed DLC response timeTakenMs to show ms instead of nanoseconds
  • PST-670: Added CustomKafkaAvroDeserializerGenericRecord and CustomKafkaAvroDeserializerObjectTuple classes
  • PST-688: Integrated APM tracing for DLC health events.


  • PST-662 Product Center’s ParquetParserBuilder has been implemented. This implementation requires AP version 5.9.2+.
  • PST-668 Added ability to customize ordering of Topics within a given transaction. More on Custom Ordering for Loading Topics page.

Migration Notes


APM Integration

APM has been added into DLC and is used to trace events. If you were using a combined HealthEventDispatcher of APM and DLC, this is no longer necessary as the DLC now uses APM’s IHealthEventDispatcher. To ensure APM is configured correctly the following configurations will need to be implemented into your project.


APMTracingConfig must be included in your project’s application config

  • APMTracingConfig must be included in your application configuration. Please see code sample below:
        // Required Configuration for Tracing
    public class ApplicationConfig {
  • APM must be defined with high precedence in ActivePivot’s Registry. This is because some classes are Extended Plugins or Types overriding the core code. It is important to make sure they are picked first by the Registry. Make sure you add the package com.activeviam.apm to be picked first. The below snipit can be added to your applications configuration.
/** Before anything else we statically initialize the ActiveViam Registry. */
static {
        new ClasspathContributionProvider(
            "com.activeviam.apm",  // First has highest priority

Updated Tracing

Prior to 1.2.0 the DLC would respond to operations with a taskName such as “LoadDataTxControllerTask-0”. Now with use of APM’s tracing the DLC will respond with a unique hex string such as “7a8c982a87b050f2”. This hex string will act as our taskName and will still be used as the DLC’s Cache Key. This tracer hex string will be added to HealthEvent’s eventProperties map as a TraceContext object. More on Tracing can be found on the Tracing page.


APM_TRACING Bean must be configured before data loading

  • If you are executing any DLC tasks via Spring Beans during initialization of your application, you must ensure that the APM_TRACING Bean is created first either by the @DependsOn or by Autowiring the APM_TRACING Bean. Please see code sample below as an example:
    @DependsOn(value = {APM_TRACING})
    public Void initialLoad() {
        // Load data here...