Migration Notes - 1.3.0

This page explains the changes required to migrate to the stated version of Data Connectors for Active Pivot 5.9.

Migrate to 1.3.0

Upgrading from version 1.2.0 See Data Connectors 1.2.0 Release Notes.



The following interfaces and classes have been moved or renamed as follows. A simple find and replace will be enough to migrate the following classes.

Core Module Changes

The IFetchScopeToFileScanParametersConverter has been renamed to IScopeToFileScanParametersConverter and its path can be referenced from either the new IFilesScopedTopic or from the existing interface IFilesScopedFetchTopic where the previous IFetchScopeToFileScanParametersConverter was located. Functionally this class has not changed.

All the following class paths start with com.activeviam.io.data.source

Previous Class New Class / Location
...IFilesScopedFetchTopic.IFetchScopeToFileScanParametersConverter ...IFilesScopedFetchTopic.IScopeToFileScanParametersConverter
CSV Module Changes

The following classes have been moved from the source package into source.impl package. Functionally these classes have not changed.

All following class paths start with com.activeviam.io.csv.data

Previous Class New Class / Location
...source.CsvFilesScopedFetchTopic ...source.impl.CsvFilesScopedFetchTopic
...source.LocalCsvScopedFetchSource ...source.impl.LocalCsvScopedFetchSource
...source.ACsvScopedFetchSource ...source.impl.ACsvScopedFetchSource