Using this guide

Here’s an outline of how this guide is organized to steer you through the stages of the sign-off approval process.

Section How it helps
Sign-off widgets The preconfigured widgets provided in Atoti Sign-Off cover the basic use cases in the approval process. You can use these as a starting point and replace them over time by creating your own collections of dashboards for presenting and monitoring the results, explaining the numbers and their dynamics, and so on.
Sign-off approvals - process and workflow Walks you through the approval workflow.
Sign-off adjustments Describes the various modifications you can make to a task.
Cube Reference Provides comprehensive details on the associated dimensions.
The Data model, Configuration files, and Datastores Explains the data model that Atoti Sign-Off requires to run the approval workflow.

For developers, a separate Developer Guide explains how to set up your Atoti Sign-Off project, customize the workflow, and set further configuration options.