Developer Guide


    If you are new to the application, we invite you to review the basics.

    Release and migration notes

    Details of the new features, improvements, fixes and known issues in the Accelerator, plus changes required to migrate to the stated version of Atoti Sign-Off

    Getting Started

    This section provides guidance on setting up your environment, working with the Reference Implementation, and developing on the Module.

    Configuring the UI

    This section provides details on activating and configuring the UI features in the solution or combined solutions.

    Sign-Off Adjustment support

    Details of interfaces and implementations that allow the Module to request from the application server the list of supported adjustment types and the required inputs for adjustment execution.

    Customizing sign-off workflow

    This section explains the objects and settings you can customize to tailor the workflow process to your requirements.

    Sign-Off default implementation

    This section explains the elements provided in the Sign-Off default Implementation; modules, datastore, and cube configurations.

    Workflow Core

    Brief introduction to the role and content of the Workflow Core module. This is for reference only, as Core module is not generally customized by clients.